Marseille  winger Andre Ayew has admitted he is flattered by glowing comments recently made by Arsenal  manager Arsene Wenger.


The 62-year-old remarked last week he was a big fan of Ayew after reports in Europe claimed he was interested in the Ghana international.


However, Wenger also stressed he did not have any plans to sign the 21-year-old as he has enough wingers in the squad already.


And while a move to the Emirates Stadium appears to be improbable in January, Ayew is making the most from Wenger's comments.


"I would be lying if I said I was not flattered by those words," Ayew told RMC.


"Wenger is a great coach who has won titles with a very good club. He has done great things and has helped nurture good players.


"Taking that into consideration, those words please me and make me want to work even harder. They show that hard work pays off.


"I am still every young, I have a lot steps to take."


Readers Comment

  • pee 8 years ago

    j.ayew is playing today with Marseille ,wht a great player on the pitch for the first half.i like is style of play and really grown as a footballer ppl always says tht he is the future c. ronaldo .they just started the second half with lens.and his brother andre ayew has nt yet started.very great player j ayew.

  • pee 8 years ago

    jordan just scored a classic goal ..he is serious future c. ronaldo.

  • Flow 8 years ago

    I am watching the game live and jordan just scored a brilliant goal for his club. Its a pity this is not a regular for black stars.

  • R.Abbey 8 years ago

    Andre Dede or what ever your name is,you are a fool.You should rather be flattered by being signed by Wenger.You will remain at Marseille until your selfish father learns to help other kids play in Europe.

  • mikki mills 8 years ago

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  • A cool guy 8 years ago

    Abbey are you mad? What are all these comments for you are a very stupid ass hole in this forum

  • da informa 8 years ago

    pls can u update us who is oly m playing against wat is da score

  • kris ratty 8 years ago

    pls is jodan ayew playing as a striker for Marseille?and whats the scores as at now

  • Kofi 8 years ago

    Jordan is great. Frimpong was a starter for Arsenal as well today. He played 76 minutes. There was also a certain defender playing for Arsenal called Daniel Boateng. Never heard of him but I assume he's Ghanaian.

  • 2mark/mark2 8 years ago

    R Abbey i dnt even tnk u ve 1000 in ur account so tnk b4 u speak ve manners

  • 2mark/mark2 8 years ago

    Bro are u a footballer and ve u played nania b4 plz let me knw and will understand u

  • Merdal 04 8 years ago

    R Abbey why envy Dede amd his father?Has your father help anyone before?Do you need help?Go and tell your MAMA and PAPA to give you that help. ONYE,AYANYE GBEMI.

  • dadaba gonshots 8 years ago

    Guys, this GEm is GOLD! He is good. I watch him every week. He is the future of BS, if things continue this way. Stay in OM for another year or please dont go to ARSENAL. Go to SPAIN!