Al Ain coach Cosmin Olaroiu says his latest signing Asamoah Gyan will miss  Friday's derby against Al Wahda in the Etisalat Pro Cup.

Gyan, who completed his high-profile move on Monday, was expected to make his debut this week.

But the 25-year-old has flown back to Sunderland to bid farewell and fly back to UAE on Thursday. 

Olaroiu revealed at Monday's press conference that the striker will not take part in a derby match.

"We do not want to risk Gyan as he needs time to get used to atmosphere in the city of Al Ain and train with the team, we do not want to repeat the experience of Skoko, whom we played directly in the first game and got him exposed to injury in the game that immediately followed," Al Ain coach Cosmin Olaroiu said.

"We won't risk the player as we're still early in the season. However the player will participate in the cup games but not in the first game."

Gyan will however be ready for the tournament's second match against Dubai Club.

The UAE Pro League begins on 16 October and Al Ain open their campaign at home against Al Naser.


Readers Comment

  • Slay 8 years ago

    And so what?

  • Crusader7 8 years ago

    Farewell to Sunderland fans? Is he focusing at all?

  • Rain 8 years ago

    Better get him on the pitch soon or Mr No Promises will listen to his "advisors" again be off somewhere else... The Afganistan League maybe if the money's right?

  • David 8 years ago

    I haven't seen him in Sunderland yet!

  • JNR 8 years ago

    Hahahahahahaha damn dude, you are funny! That's a classic statement there!

  • JNR 8 years ago

    That's because he is in hiding in a hotel talking to his "advisors" probably thinking if he made the right choice. Idiot Gyan!

  • JNR 8 years ago

    Ask again Sly, we are probably going to start getting Asamoah Gyan news constantly from Ghanasoccernet with their biased reporting. I'm pretty sure they will be getting a cut from his wages too. SMH!

  • JNR 8 years ago

    This is a note to all those who call us "haters" for having an opinion on a Ghanaian footballer... Firstly our(Fans of Black stars) disappointment about Gyan is ONLY FOOTBALL related and NOT his decision, he made his decision so he has to accept whatever comes with it. Secondly he says he wants to improve but how can you improve in a league that's no better than a Thailand league(Based on the reports i checked)??? It just doesnt make sense at all and i'm a fan of Black stars so this affects me, unless he doesn't get called up again which wouldn't surprised me based on his performance since the premier league started, missing open chances like he just started playing football,hmmm... Anyway he is Ghanaian so i wish him good luck!

  • adangabe 8 years ago

    Gyan is a tourist on a sojourney,his next trip will land him in IRAQ.after all he said he wants a change of! after barely 12 months in the EPL.£40000 per week no be beans.from Iraq he will join al-qaeda.Then he wil bomb

  • sejay 8 years ago

    Maan u are funny!! but u r right tho, that could happen.

  • keith from germany 8 years ago

    hahahahahah adangabe hahahahahah its a big joke u msaking me laugh. but guys lets be fair with gyan.all of u guys would hav taken the same offer..

  • Paul baidoo 8 years ago