Ghana are to prepare for the African Nations Cup finals with a high altitude training camp in South Africa. 

The Black Stars, chasing their fifth Nations Cup title, will assemble from 7 January and then travel to Gabon and Equatorial Guinea for the tournament.

The team will be based in the town of Rustenburg to give the players the maximum concentration in their pre-tournament preparations.

The squad will head straight to their base for the duration of the camp which is most likely to be held at the newly built multi-million dollar Royal Bafokeng Sports Campus at Rustenburg.

The excellent facilities will also ensure tough preparation as Ghana seeks to win the tournament for the first time since 1982.

“We have already had a look at the facilities and we think it is excellent for good concentration for the players and the team,” a Ghana FA board member told

The Royal Bafokeng Sports Campus base is only eight miles from  Phokeng, nestled upon the world's largest platinum reserves, and is also home to the 300,000-strong Royal Bafokeng Nation.

The campus has seven training pitches as well as a medical centre for Goran Stevanovic's back-room staff to work with.

And captain John Mensah and his team-mates will not get bored in Rustenburg, which is based in South Africa's Highveld, about 1500m above sea level, where there is less oxygen in the air than at sea level.

More than 20,000 Ghanaians live in South Africa and are expected to watch the team if they manage to arrange friendlies with local sides.

Ghana will know their group opponents on Saturday when the draw is held.

The Nations Cup finals start on 21 January.


Readers Comment

  • Obi Ba 8 years ago

    This's good. Good planning, good preparations. High altitude camping ensures players build stamina as blood Hb increases. Keep it up, FA

  • koo 8 years ago

    But Adiyah will be call?why if yes

  • Boateng Tarkwa supporter ( Medeama) 8 years ago

    it's good for our national team. It is vital we star our camping soon as posible to enable our boys.....? We hope to see black star winng all their matches to crown as champions of Africa. Keep it up ! black stars

  • Kwame NaaGbewa 8 years ago

    the earlier the better. GET THEM TO CAMP QUICKLY

  • He-goat 8 years ago

    Yes that's the right way. I have no problem with our defence and midfield.... but attack. The only standard attacker we have is Asa. The rest are yawa. I would advise the FA and coach to look at our local league and invite two attackers. My problem with the exisiting attackers is not that they canno score goals, but they cannot shoot. Accuracy. If they shoot well and do not score, I do not have problem. But they cannot shoot at all. Why? Shoot and let the goalkeeper save.. but this one would shoot over the line or bar when they come face to face with the goalkeeper. Why? The basic skill of an attacker is to shoot at goal. I am frustrated.

  • CONFUSION 8 years ago


  • godfather 8 years ago

    if u r frustrated, stop following football. if the game was perfect, there wont be the need for competition and entertainment. we all have the passion to win during any game but we also have to respect the decision makers. if you have a problem with the current situation, step up and change it. if u cannot change it, then there is no need to complain. ghanasoccernet will not relay your complaint to a. gyan or the coach so....just enjoy the game, have a drink, shout , and PAY SOME MONEY to WATCH A GAME AT YOUR LOCAL STADIUM...that will raise revenue to develop your local is cheap !

  • tbdarko 8 years ago


  • ANASCO 8 years ago