By Akyereko Frimpong-Manson

Triple Ghana Premier Legaue goal king Dan Owusu wants Olympique Marseille sensational youngster Jordan Ayew dropped from the Black Stars.

Jordan, who turned 20 last Sunday, earned his third international cap for Ghana in the 1-0 loss to Brazil in London is regarded as a great striking potential.

But the legendary Owusu is arguing that the last of the Ayew brothers has not peaked to merit a national team call-up.

"There are a lot of young players in the Black Stars. Adiyiah, Andre and Agyemang-Badu are all young players but I think Jordan is too young for the Black Stars. He should be dropped," he told Accra-based Happy FM.

Jordan earned his debut Ghana call-up in September last year in a 2012 Africa Cup of Nations qualifier at Swaziland.

His elder brother Andre is a key member of the Black Stars and half-brother Rahim was on the bench for Ghana at the 2010 Nations Cup and World Cup finals.


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  • phillbanger 7 years ago


  • mukmin 7 years ago

    No way he should be dropped he had potential and is also one of the few players using his real age. Messi was getting called for Argentina when he 18 though he didn't get much playing time he learned from the likes of crespo and saviola. Neymar is 19 and he's a regular for Brazil and he continues to blossom because he is gaining experience and confidence. We cannot expect Gyan, Adiyah and Tagoe to improve much due to the fact that their playing in much inferior leagues it is only a matter of time before their decline becomes evident. Meanwhile Jordan is going to be playing champions league as well as French top flight he is the future along with Boakye-Yiadom and Kingsley boateng. Gyan and co are only going to regress given the level of competition they will be facing in their respective leagues

  • Agyengo 7 years ago

    How old is Neymar from Brazil, Mr Owusu?

  • pacific 7 years ago

    hahah very funny

  • homy 7 years ago

    Mr owusu, u are too old to argue inmaturely. Can jordan play or not? Dats what u shd ask urself. Dnt jst open ur mouth talk like a naïve in de game

  • murtala 7 years ago


  • kwamena 7 years ago

    Backward tinkin... Pls sir dont waste our ears again wit such apalling arguments

  • Farouk 7 years ago

    Foolish talk. Some people just want public attention. who said he's too young. if marselle manager reckoned too, he wouldnt be featuring him. or is a club any different from the national team? cuz they get to play with all sort of people. even bojan, neymar and co are playing for their country.

  • Peedi Crack 7 years ago

    Waa look at kwasiasem like dis, typical african mentality, talking about he is too old was rooney,theo wilcot, micheal owen when they started playing for england??? and like agyengo said, how old is neymar, and also pato, when they got their fist call up???.....i'm not suprise tho, cus in ghana u got 25 year olds who are still playing colts and their age has been cut to 18 or 19 cus they will be considered too young to play in the ghana premiership or div 1....smh!!!....if the player got talent and he can play, he should be given the opportunity, rooney and co were 16 years old when they got their first call up, and jordan is a european trained player so at the age of 19 is never too young to get a black star call up.

  • Slay 7 years ago

    I respect you Dan Owusu but i think you've goofed big time on this issue. I expected you to assess the qualities of the boy and not talk about him being too young. The black stars is not an age competion so even if he is 17 and is good what is your problem.

  • appple 7 years ago

    haha this dan owusu man is a comedian. haha jordan is too young? kwasia sem kua. if young player are not being encouraged who will do it. as a legend they claim he is a complete disgrace to ghana football. opanyin kwasea these are the strikers who were scoring useless goals in the 20s no competition. ghanaians 4give him he just beltched from his mouth. aboa dnt pollute the coach pls.

  • Rasky78 7 years ago

    This are the kind of people you call legends,what a loose talk,what thus age got to do with dropping someone from a team,please sir if you dont have anything to offer Ghana soccer just shut up.

  • real sabacious 7 years ago

    infact dan owusu has really lost my respect,what does he mean by he has not been peaked? will tagoe and adiyiah be on the bench of marseille?not to talk about them been a starter ahead of gignac and the rest.jordan is full of potential and he need to be encourage instead of discouraging.atleast he has been involved in all marseille match this season and am sure,he gonna get some playing time 2nite.i guess he was talking about adiyiah and tagoe and not jordan lol

  • texas 7 years ago

    This is most unwise and useless comment/observation made by a great ex-player that I have ever heard. He want Jordan dropped from Black Stars because he is too young??? but you Adiyiah can stay?? 20 years too young? how old was Dede when he first played for Black stars? how old was Christiano Ronaldo when he first featured for Portugal? how old is Neymar??? is this Mr Dan Owusu sick or something? or is just talking because days everyone can just talk whether it makes sense or not? for dan owusu's information Jordan has better potential of becoming world class striker than Adiyiah.

  • pee 7 years ago

    u shld knw wht to say and wht u shld nt say at the right time...i'm very sorry for ghanasoccer hw can someone say tht the coach shld dropp j ayew ,sorry not to insult u but to say the reality,i dnt think u hve seen the small boy on the field of play.i have seen the many times and the guy is more than a player wht he needs is moltivation.we shld nt listen to wht the old man is saying .we have talents and we have to try them and moltivate thm bt nt to dropp him wht the **** are u saying...i'm sorry mr. dan owusu

  • Experience Coach 7 years ago

    HE IS WRONG. Jordan is a good player and must be included in the team. He played well in the Brazil game.

  • texas 7 years ago

    holy crap! it seems Mr Dan Owusu cannot see well or he is too out of touch as far as morden football is concerned so he cannot make good observation and the right comments. Jordan too young for Black Stars at 20 years of age? so at what age does Mr Owusu want to see Jordan in the Black Stars? everyone has opinion but please some opinions really suck!

  • KBS 7 years ago

    Mr owusu the striker! How old was samuel Eto when Claude lera!!!! Featured him on the Cameroon National team??? Pls do your home work well before u talk in public.

  • Kobby 7 years ago

    Dan Owusu should just give us a break!

  • bornblack germany 7 years ago

    am sorry this is madness!!!!am very sorry for the this sir... cant u see our age cheating strikers are struggle in division 2 in the world.. they cant even get chance to play j Ayew team...its very sad th heard legend comment lie that..

  • prime 7 years ago

    He be menopause way dey worry am, make u mind am, Dan Owusu, you deserve to be brought out in public and lashed because you are a disgrace

  • Maxwell Johnson 7 years ago

    Whoops!Typo,sorry i mean he should just shut up and let the coach do his job.Forgive me my fellow forumers,i was soo furious with this joker called a legend which led to some errors in my comments lol.

  • Francis de Assisi 7 years ago


  • evans 7 years ago

    I don`t think he said that. Aa nanka what? Big man like this talks like a class one boy who will catch his ball if not selected to play. some of our old player should not be allowed to comment on issues in 21st century soccer cos its as if they are still leaving in their days when they played with their physical strength. now soccer is scientific.

  • Peace 7 years ago

    There we go again, we are not going to allow the coach to do his job. 24/25 million coaches interfering to frustrate the vision of this man until he leaves for a lucrative offer. Why cant we learn?

  • mukmin 7 years ago

    Wrong about what?

  • iddrisu 7 years ago

    yea dis is the jelouse u guys developd for abedi during his time and you have started again.3 tym goal king in gh league and so what.dt does not give you the plat form to talk trash.let me stop cos i might disgrace you.disgasting.we will start calln juvenal players to represent the nation

  • aberico 7 years ago

    The core-matter with this man is that, he is just jealous of the Ayews. Even if 5 players come from one family and they can play very well for Ghana and lift our national flag on high, I don't see why jealous, pesemenkuminya and patapaa is surrounding this so called legend he is still having a primitive mind. Even if someone is just 15yrs and he can play more than stroke-strikers like Adiyah and Tagoe, then I don't see why a legend will make such a mess of comments.

  • aberico 7 years ago

    Patapaa and pesemenkominya is what draws us from progressing.

  • Saxcee4u 7 years ago

    Oh oh oh ok, guys i thnk this man has an excellent idea. He wantx jordan to get a call up at the age of 32 just lyk most of them were when they became pros yet reduced their ages to the so called soccer ages. Hahahahahaha, lmfdo. Pls mr dnt us gve jx a break, do gve us a vacation. Infact dnt even comment on modern soccer anymore. Uve jx shown you lack that clear cut knowledge. Get urself a piece of land somewher and start a farm wai. I thnk that will do. Thank you old man.

  • Ghanas#1Blogger Aka Marfioso 7 years ago

    Im sick and tired of Ex-players having diarrhea of the mouth. Chale u had you time move on. jordan Ayew is a good player and still alot to learn and he will flourish. Who made died and made you the technical director. If you dont have nothing nice to say dont say it at all. Its not even constructive criticism

  • Alex 7 years ago

    wise talk from an older man...the Boy in question is too young for the National team and we need him much in the under-23 to play and gain much stamina,he has not played in africa before and it reflected in the Ghana vrs Brazil game,he played very well but he needs strength brothers STRENGHT

  • dr edusei. chicago 7 years ago

    thank you all. too young is no excuse. we did the same to malik tawrick, and now we don't even know where that boy is.

  • aprilove 7 years ago

    i think the man is jealousy...abedi was blessed with the talented kids than him.when he thinks he was also a player n he keeps on getting old...that pains him{owusu} more...the guy is just jealousy if not an attention seeker....if i may ask him how old was dede when he played world cup for ghana?so in wat age does he need a player to be in national team?the man should get help to make him think strait b4 opening that mouth...o may b he misses to be plublished in websites like this....GO N GET YOUR LIFE OWUSU THAT JEALOUSY WILL TAKE UR LIFE SOMEDAYS....GROW UP N STOP BIFFN.....

  • Kwadwo Addai 7 years ago

    To be dropped is not de best.

  • nana 7 years ago

    why these comment from a very respected person.why not axe adiyiah and and tagoe cos the last time i checked they were all waste in our games.jordan plays marseille a top flight and gets playing time,against brazil he was splendid,pls am not an abedi fan but for these its outrageous.leave the coach alone,in your time what did you do has moved on save your colloquial thought,pls jordan all the way.

  • Collinto papa 7 years ago

    Mr Dan Owusu, please shut up. What has hi age got to do with blackstars. The guy played in the champions league yesterday against a greek opponent. Where are the mature ones you want them to replace him. What did you do for Ghana in your time. Old players should encourage and stop discouraging the young footballers.

  • Dani 7 years ago

    If a player is eligible to play in d cl, y cant he play for ghana

  • Reeves 7 years ago

    i think he is better than Adiyiah,prince tagoe and therefore should be part of the team to learn from Gyan and the others. Ghana lack strikers and we have to start training some now before is too late

  • PENDRIVE 7 years ago

    Well i PENDRIVE think the old man was trying to express his view, but to me, i do not agree with him because if we had not given the likes of Andre Ayew and our recent midfield engine or bulldozer and goals scorer Emm Agyeman Badu the platform, how would Ghana had survived up till now?

  • k.konadu 7 years ago

    he shud b dropped to the u+23.yes.and a local striker shud b picked

  • ted 7 years ago

    jordan should be in the BS period. watched nana asare in the dutch league, he is in terrific form and now the captain of his team. he scored 2 crackers recently, even though he is an offensive midfielder i believe he can help alleviate our striking problem. should get a call up to the BS asap.

  • Etorngbemi 7 years ago

    Spot on my breada!More wisdom to ur head.

  • danny valencia 7 years ago

    I think some of these so called old players do not know the dynamics of this world.A player is in form and you are talking of age? come again Dan.