By Ameenu Shardow

Fifa’s manager for Development and Programmes for Africa Francesco Bruscoli says Ghana has no excuse not to win next year’s Africa Cup of Nations.

The Italian was in Ghana to conduct a Fifa seminar for General Secretaries and Technical Directors for national associations in Africa.

He insists the Black Stars stand the brightest chance of annexing the Nations Cup on account of their performance in last year’s World Cup in South Africa.

“I will take the risk to say my favourite team for next year’s African Cup is Ghana,” Bruscoli told

“I was drawn to them with what they did in last year’s world cup and I believe they have what it takes to win the title.

“Ghana has very good players and their organization is very good so I don’t see they reason why the can’t win it.”

Ghana has emerged as one of the overwhelming favourites following the surprise absence of giants, Egypt, Cameroon and Nigeria after they all failed to qualify.

The 2010 World Cup quarter finalists alongside Cote d’Ivoire and tournament hosts, Gabon and Equatorial Guinea will avoid each other at the group stage after they were seeded for Saturday’s draw.


Readers Comment

  • kk 8 years ago

    we must do all we think is our wish as a nation,not what somebody thinks and say about us.of course wishful comment like this is welcome.

  • Coach NiiBart 8 years ago

    I dont think this is good for Ghana since too much expectation can mount presure. The best Ghana can do is forget abt whatever anyone says and take a game at a time.

  • Lysto 8 years ago

    i must not forget that since Ghana is the expected country to win the tournament there`ll be pressure on the players and the entire team. GO GHANA G,O FOR THE CUP

  • Muftawu Adamu 8 years ago

    You could be tipped to win a tournament but the onus lies on you to give your best when the competition begins.We should not be carried away by this fanciful statement of other people but rather we should put measures in place to have good preparation before the tournament begins.Again what we should be thinking about now is how to assemble a strong and a formidable team for the up coming AFCON.We have a medley of players but how can the coach blend the old and the young,the local and the foreign, is what we should be thinking of now?I am not condemning the his statement anyway,it is always welcome but Ghanaians are easily carried away by praises.We should be careful not be stopped by the so called LOWER COUNTRIES.

  • JUMO 8 years ago

    Don't you think that he would have said that to whatever country he was presenting in?

  • JK-Sasraku 8 years ago

    Here's the thing: we can't continue to waste the scoring chances that come our way. Ivory Coast and Senegal have very potent strikers and should we meet any of them, Ghana will have to have efficient strikers at hand.

  • coconutman 8 years ago

    Asamoah Gyan scored the fastest world cup goal in history against the Czech Republic in Germany 2010 and he proved himself the top striker in France and also the EPL so we just need a couple of strikers to back him up. I only hope he has been working on his PK's in that desert country he is currently getting paid to play in. Asamoah 1000 pk's after every practice OK.

  • Mojahadine 8 years ago

    I am sick and tired of hearing everyone calling Cameroon, Nigeria the giants of African football. Sure Cameron has won 4 titles just as Ghana has, they got hotter at a time when most African teams especially Ghana were at their worst. Nigeria, I just don't see how anyone can call them that. Their record and performances on the continental level seems to be sub-par. Off course they have produced some very good household players over the years but that cannot be the reason to call them Giants of African football. Has anyone forgotten about Morocco which dominated the continental football during the 70s? Egypt I will consider the only African Giant because of their 3peat and domination recently of the continental title. A feat that would be very hard to replicate. It is annoying to consistently hear from the Ghana media and elsewhere that the Blackstars are the favorite to win just because those countries are not in the tournament. How does their absence in CAN makes it easier for the Stars to win. Let me say that those teams, if they had even qualified would have been less than stellar to win anyway. Only by their mere presence would have inspired others to read them their last rights. It is time we stop given accolades to undeserved teams just because their player names are household ones. USA

  • AKUSHIKA 8 years ago

    ghana should bring in cofie bekoe to help asamoah gyan. has anybody seen that kid. he is the fastest ghanian player i have seen playing...