Former Board Secretary of Hearts of Oak, Ernest Thompson has thrown his support behind the club's decision to move the team's training to the Pobiman complex.

The Ghana Premier League giants migrated their training to the new Pobiman pitch last Monday after using the ATTC School Park and Legon Ajax Park as their training grounds for the past three years.

A section of the club’s faithful expressed divergent opinions in the wake of the club's decision to move to the complex after pictures went viral on social media platforms suggesting that the training pitch is not as good as expected.

Despite the supposed negativity surrounding the decision, Ernest Thompson called on their teeming fans to support management on the decision to make the club great.

"A lot of work has gone in to Pobiman land from our time till date and believe it was in the right direction to move the team there where we can call our own, take advantage whiles we are there whatever improvement can be done will be done," Thompson told Oyerepa FM.

"I am very happy about the movement to Pobiman. I felt very emotional and nearly cried when I read about the movement."

"Please no matter how imperfect the pitch may be even if this is true let's accept to train there and improve it."

"Fortunately for us the road network is now better than previously or better still Hearts can make use of a police escorts to and from training."

"Remember we engaged green grass technology to do it years back, paid for it to be inaugurated but we never used it. So let's back the management decision to move there."

"I will however caution that we should never pay any money for the land again if the board hasn't paid any. We paid fully for all the land. The receipts are available and documents exist," he concluded.


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