Ghana has asked the Brazilian government to deport about 200 Ghanaian soccer fans seeking asylum in that country as soon as their Visas expire.

Government has begun working the diplomatic channels to get the football fans who have embarrassed the nation by seeking asylum in Brazil, sent home, according to the Foreign Affairs Ministry.

The fans who were flown by government to Brazil to support the Black Stars in the 2014 World Cup tournament there, have argued that they are Muslims fleeing inter-religious conflicts in Ghana.

The Brazilian government is reported to be considering their asylum application.

But the Foreign Affairs Ministry in a statement said these individuals simply do not want to return to Ghana and must be deported.

Government on Friday denied the claim of the fans and ordered the Embassy in Brazil to liaise with authorities there to investigate the development.

"Government states for the record that the basis for this alleged request is completely false as no religious conflict is taking place in Ghana," a government statement noted.

Speaking on Top Story on Joy FM, Chief Director of the Foreign Affairs Ministry, Leslie Kojo Christian said the Foreign Affairs Ministry has contacted the Brazilian government and has insisted that there is no basis to grant the Ghanaians asylum.

"We do not believe there is any reason that can be advanced to support their asylum status [in Brazil]...We've made our position clear but it's left with the Brazilian government to decide," Mr. Kojo Christian stated.

Meanwhile, International Relations expert, Dr. Vladimir Antwi Danso says governmentt has every right to get the Brazilian authorities to refuse the application for asylum.

"They were transported there for a specific reason and for them to go there and seek asylum on unfounded ground, the government has every right to react the way they have reacted," Dr. Antwi Danso told Evans Mensah.

According to him, "...the only ogbligation the Ghana government owes them [fans] is because they hold Ghanaian passports".

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Readers Comment

  • PITO 4 years ago

    ALARM BLOW: SULLEY MUNTARI VINDICATED! why so many officials here? An official has been left behind in Brazil? International media reports. Muahahahahaaaa. How much dw3t33 did nyantakyi the money grabbing whore! Take from this guy to make him an official? Now we know the source of all the problems. We should never let this happen again to our football. Read full story here

  • PITO 4 years ago

    Sorry read the story here

  • Akua Doris 4 years ago

    Are you normal PITO or whatever you call yourself?.If you need help,I can help you.

  • Ishaq 4 years ago

    those who think they can discredit Islam under pretends that they are muslims shall be disgrace in this life and hereafter. just imagine where in Ghana do we have religious conflict to. the extend that people want to use that as an excuse to seek asylum. shame to those who want to malign muslims and Islam

  • Rasheed 4 years ago

    @PITO,please how do I get in touch with honorable saanie Diarra.I just want to ask him if he knows that "official"?.Thanks.

  • Kwame 4 years ago

    Government interference ,you bring us back home then give us jobs ,we need jobs to feed our impoverished families.

  • Kofi 4 years ago

    Why government interference ,leave us alone now.

  • Bawah 4 years ago

    Tank u JDM

  • francis 4 years ago

    oh very unpatriotic ghanian fans

  • benito 4 years ago

    Bring our "boys"back.

  • Rock 4 years ago

    This goes to show the kind of Leaders we have in Ghana. When our Leaders goes to the developed countries looking Loans, claiming to use them for development which they put it in their personal accounts, they tell all sorts of lies that: Ghana is a good country, our economy is growing well, our employment rate is the lowest in Africa. But they are all untrue. The whole world will now know the kind of Leaders we have in Ghana. Ghana used to be a place for Refugees for countries like Liberia, Togo, Sierra Leone, Sudan and many more. Now Ghanaians are seeking asylume in Brazil. What a shame!

  • mutary gariba 4 years ago

    Honestly,being a moslem i seriously don't think they should have used the religion as tool in seeking for their asylum.I thought we are in a month which is supposed to be Holy and we shouldn't be telling lies as moslems.

  • PITO 4 years ago

    @Akua doris, kwasiabaa asking me if I am normal Typical illiterate allergic to the truth. The only help you can give me is bending with your ass up in my presence. If only I could afford the problems getting idiot children will bring!

  • Ghanafan 4 years ago

    There is no war in Ghana, its a peaceful country. There is no religious conflict going in Ghana for them to use it to seek "asylum" in Brazil. Saying that is a DISGRACE to the whole nation of Ghana. For them to use an excuse like "there is a war in Ghana", which is not true, is a big shame and disgrace them and to the rest of Ghana. After all the scamming and shady business surround the players and the Ghana officials and the FIFA money to pay the team for the World Cup, was already big disgrace to Ghana in front of the WHOLE world.... AND NOW for the Ghana supporters sent Brazil to support the Black Stars... NOW they want to add another disgrace to Ghana with this, "GHANA IS AT WAR?", IS BEYOND SHAME. WHAT IS WRONG WITH SOME OF THE GHANIANS THAT DON"T HAVE NO LOVE FOR THE COUNTRY TRYING HARD TO BRING GHANA DOWN FOR THEIR OWN SELFISH IDEAS. THEY FORGET THAT THE WHOLE WORLD IS WATCHING EVERY MOVE AND EVERY SCAM THING THEY DO. IF THEY WANTED POLITICAL ASYLUM THEY SHOULD USE SOMETHING ELSE, NOT "WAR IN GHANA". SHAME ONTO THEM AGAIN. BRAZILIAN GOVERNMENT IS NOT STUPID. YOU CAME TO SUPPORT, YOU FINISH YOU GO BACK. THEY ALSO, MAKE GHANA GOVERNMENT LOOK SO BAD TO THE WORLD.

  • mancarlinton 4 years ago

    Oh! my God, NDC sympatizers seeking asylum in the diaspora. Come home and enjoy the 'dumso' and have a share of the pads as well rather than tarnishing the image of Islam and mother Ghana.

  • Hafiz Musah 4 years ago

    What the ghana government said they are 100% right they should deport them back to Ghana , it's unfair what they said about the Islam ,God will punish them for the lies they have made against the Islam. If they needs   help they should find a different reason for that, why are they not saying they're Christians but rather Muslim it's on to them and their God.

  • Alex zz 4 years ago

    Dis Ghanaian supporters are a disgrace ,deport them cos we need their voices for the AFCON in 6 months time.

  • kojo Smith 4 years ago

    When Ghana government officials stop pocketing the nation's money and look for jobs for the youths then they will come back shame of you all so call officials thieves JAH RASTAFARI punish you all

  • kojo Smith 4 years ago

    Blood suckers

  • soldier 4 years ago

    I can't believe this regime is asking the brazilian government to deport all the ghanaians from Brazil. What do you hv for them back home? If you had something for them back home, they wouldn't hv travelled all the way to Brazil. You was saying they were sent to go and support the team, who sent them? Your corrupt leaders force this people to cough $(1000)thousands of dollars before they can go to brazil. Even the visas which was supposed to be sponsored by the government was paid by the same alleged asylum seekers. Some paid $400 for the visas. Can't you for once keep quiet and think about the hardship you brought to the people of ghana. You guys only wanted to address issues which are irrelevant.