Ghana goalkeeper William Amamoo has denied claims by Florina club president Johann Said that he refused to play the match against Valletta on Sunday.

Amamoo claimed that Said said on a TV programme on Sunday evening that the goalie told the club he did not want to play only five minutes before the match.

But Amamoo claims that he has all the proof that this is not true.

''I was sick all week since the Tuesday before the match," Amamoo said.

''My (goalkeepers) coach Roger Camilleri knew everything. I asked him to tell the club to send a doctor at home. I even sent a message to Matthew Carbone in this regard.

''The club doctor came at home and prescribed antibiotics and even some medicines for stomach pain for seven days.

''On Friday evening I contacted Roger Camilleri and told him I wanted to try and make myself available. He told me that I had to pass a fitness test.

''So I went to training on Saturday at St Lucia. I was requested to run at least twice round the pitch.

''I felt dizzy after that and I was advised by the coach to ‘think about your health first.

''This is because I told him I wanted to be in the team facing Valletta the next day,'' he said.

Amamoo has lodged a complaint with the Malta Football Association and this will be made official in the next few days.

He is insisting on the MFA to investigate this case.

''I do not want revenge. I only want an apology from Mr Said in the newspapers and in front of all Floriana fans.

''He should also apologise to my family for the hardship we went through – this case has tarnished the image of my family.

''Unless he apologises in the next two days, I will lodge an official report to FIFA. I have every proof of what I’m saying.

''I am not inventing any story. I challenge Said to prove that I refused to play and that I was not sick,'' he added.

Amamoo also said that he felt it was about time to tell people what Said was doing to him.

''I respect the Green jersey and the club a lot. I am not requesting the MFA to take action against the club, not even against Mr Said. All I want is an apology from the president.''


Readers Comment

  • mentof. 8 years ago

    wow. That man johan said is a very big mafia. We all know him in malta as a dictator. He always want to use force to threat everyone. Last year , he did the same to Tunisian national keeper , Said . And he left in the middle of the league. Also he did to Nwoke his best goalscorer for last year sfter he refused to extend his contract in mid season. Then he sacked english keeper Mathew Towns after he won the F.A cup for Floriana after 14 years. Then he went to floriana. He is also treating Joseph okonko of Nigeria one of his leding strikers bad. No salary for two months now , and joseph has been given 5 days to be kicked out from his apartment with his gilfriend. Its time someone sue the man. He is full of shit. I am a sleima supporter , and we feel sory for Floriana players because they always complain but cant complain infront of president. Shame on you johan said.

  • John 8 years ago

    i can tell you that Johan said is like Saddam Husein. he is a dictator did to Tunisian national keeper last year, also to English keeper Mathew Towns after wining the super cup with them. then now doing to Joseph Okonko , and William. wow we know he is a dictator. I have oplayed in MALTA FOR OVER 4 yEARS AND HE IS JUST IN HIS TWO YEARS WITH FLORIANA CAUSING PROBLEMS.