Ghana striker Asamoah Gyan says he wants to propel his new club Al Ain to become a international brand with his scoring exploits.

The 25-year-old made a shock bumper season-long loan move to the Dubai-based side on Saturday from English side Sunderland.

Gyan was received at the Dubai International Airport by scores of the club's fans and an inquisitive local media.

"I have great ambition with my new team to please the fans and hit the targets of Al Ain Club Management," Gyan said in his first interview.

"I wish I can answer this question on the field well and to wear Al Ain jersey verily by showing my best in helping the team with my colleagues in the coming seasons."

He added that: "The negotiations moved smoothly because of the seriousness and the will of Al Ain Club to have me in the team which was confirmed by my agent so I happily reached here."

Gyan joined Sunderland in the summer of 2010 from French side Rennes

He has previously played Italian sides Udinese and Modena.



Readers Comment

  • Experience Coach 8 years ago

    Asamoah Gyan is a foolish man. He think his money trailing decision would not affect his game? Wait and see... As a striker, you should be up for good challenges, playing in top leagues and not a league in the lower ranks. Gyan, if you hear me now, read my lips "YOU ARE NO MORE GOING TO BE RECOGNIZED AS A WORLD CLASS PLAYER ANYMORE". You couldn't handle the challenge in the European league.

  • H-goat 8 years ago

    Inexperience Coach, are you jealous? No sane man, no correct man would get the offer Gyan got and allow it to go. This should be the wisest decision Gyan has ever taken in his life. I do not know the job you are doing but if they are to pay you ten times or more what you are earning now and transfer you to Tuabodom, you will jump at it. What are you guys saying. Do you know that GOG and the people of Ghana benefit from this. You dumbs and selfish. SHUT UP !!!

  • He-goat 8 years ago

    My name is he-goat please.

  • Phiiphi Ansah 8 years ago

    Well most of us will think he made a wrong choice but lets pray for him n all our professionals.U know, i shear the some birth day with Asamoah Gyan,i love him,he is my world

  • Crook Town Black Cat 8 years ago

    I think I could score a lot of goals in that league... And I stopped playing football 10 years ago!

  • Saxcee4u 8 years ago

    Asamoah koraa u like talk 2 much ah, just play your soccer. Mtcheeeew!

  • Yahoo BB. Japan 8 years ago

    What a stupid dream!

  • JNR 8 years ago

    You haven't even played your first match and already you are trying to be an ambasador??? Dude, YOU ARE A JOKE! #Thatisall#

  • JNR 8 years ago

    Ghanasoccernet, another Gyan story? How much is he paying you to keep promoting his name unto us to accept his decision football-wise??? There was champions league matches and yet you didnt report anything about either Dede Ayew or Jordan Ayew playing or not but this is the 5th story you have done about Gyan on Tues alone(13th) SMH!

  • David 8 years ago

    Only players past their prime or close to the end think of promoting lower leagues. Go and talk to Beckham, Henry, Keane. Look at this confused so-called 20-something year old wasting his talent away. This guy's real age is catching up to him and he couldn't handle mid-table team Sunderland. OUT of the Black Stars! No ambition or whatsoever!!

  • mukmin 8 years ago

    Funny Gyan got jokes he should be a comedian. Not even Messi can promote that league.

  • Kojo Moscow 8 years ago

    Gyan is not serious at all, he should think of how he's going to bang in the goals rather than talk s..t

  • JNR 8 years ago

    Hahahaha... No wonder his name is "COMEDY JET" now

  • Mikael Fante, China 8 years ago

    you guys are all broke ass fools. gyan can buy all your mothers, girlfriends, daughters and sisters. get a life, stupid haters. gh men are full of envy, ignorance and stupity. u guys make ghana stink. str_repeat('*',strlen('fuck')) gh. all the best baby jet.