Inter Milan are set to go head-to-head with Arsenal for the signature of Marseille winger Andre Ayew.

The Italian giants reportedly had the Ghanaian watched during the recent Champions League clash between the Ligue 1 side and the Gunners, and are rumoured to be considering a January bid.

Arsene Wenger is also a known admirer of the 21-year-old, and may see the attacker as the ideal cover for Gervinho, who is set for African Cup of Nations duty in the New Year.

Ayew has previously stated his admiration for the Gunners, but if Inter can table a £12 million bid, the French side may be forced to cash in on one of their prized assets.

‘I’m in Marseille, it is already big for me,’ Ayew told L’Equipe.

‘But there is everything [at Arsenal]. The stadium, the players, the training ground, the budget and the image of the club that makes a lot of players dream.’


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  • POPO 8 years ago

    "Arsene Wenger is also a known admirer of the 21-year-old, and may see the attacker as the ideal cover for Gervinho, who is set for African Cup of Nations duty in the New Year"....Is Dede from carribeans or maybe he is not going to the cup of nations because he is not good enough....This site must edit their stuff well before they put them in the public domain...Because an englishman reading this will have my my case

  • ike 8 years ago

    Is a ayew not also going for nations cup duty???

  • EBEN 8 years ago


  • Pendrive 8 years ago

    I have no more say as they are not ready to listen to simple advice from the whole public. SHAME UNTO YOU ALL. LEARN TO BE CORRECTED.

  • Saxcee4u 8 years ago

    This same gsn reported that arsene wenger is not interested in signing him, n ther you go again. Atleast gsn if u don't kno what you report you should at least read it as a forumite. Oh well maybe ayew has got a new country now and its olympic marseille. Hahaha. As3m o. Up Gh!

  • pacific 8 years ago

    maybe ghana did not qualify for the nations cup..

  • Fred Bortey Kyeremeh 8 years ago

    Good question POPO...

  • spike 8 years ago

    hit them again,they talk as if Dede is not also going to the CAN.

  • KB 8 years ago

    why do you always make us waste our precious time reading this cock and bull stories .. I think now Ayew is from the Arab Emirates or China ...Don't copy and paste some rubbish for us to read...haha

  • Forson 8 years ago

    Bull shit

  • rasta 8 years ago


  • Denizz 8 years ago

    I thought Arsene Wenger said he only admired Dede but has no intention of signing him because arsenal has equally good materials at the position where Dede plays. Or am I missing something.

  • Denizz 8 years ago

    Guys....Maybe the editor has reliable information that Dede will not turn up for the Cup Of Nations.LOL***

  • mikki mills 8 years ago

    who knows if they have information that he will not join the stars for the nations cup but i believe dede knows the best and he will come and play for the bs as the captain hand band is pending for him this buy a lot and love watching him playing all the time for country as well as club level.

  • Safo Joseph 8 years ago

    Oh don't u guys know Dede has recently signed for Eritrea?

  • texas 8 years ago

    Well said guys! Sometime one cannot tell how GSN goes about their business. It is time to have a rival site and I think I ma na start working on that.

  • xbat 8 years ago

    i think dede is from egypt, gsn ! Wake up...

  • ras nick 8 years ago

    str_repeat('*',strlen('fuck')) off wit ur stupid reports,wat kind of bullshit is dis gsn?

  • belly 8 years ago

    And they never had the courtesy and decency to even give credit or make reference to the source. Plagiarising intellectual property

  • Josh 8 years ago

    Good one Popo.......

  • aprilove 8 years ago

    is DEDE from Nigeria?coz those r the ones with no duties to handle in AFCON!

  • Kwesi N'Ice 8 years ago

    Copy & paste from

  • red 8 years ago

    dey are just lazy.nkwasiafoooo

  • JAL 8 years ago

    Yes, the story is just a copy and past job did. they should have edited it but either they were laxz or love doing ditto to ditto "copierto" job. Shame shame

  • Patrick 8 years ago

    May be dede is switchin country 2 play 4 the UAE. shame on you.

  • Musah Fifa 8 years ago

    you are right, that is what they said the other day, this people doesn't know their work, they were not qualified journalist, a good journalist should always read his story before he published it, but GSN always copy from other site, that's why they always fumble

  • Ras_lion 8 years ago

    Maybe they know Dede might have some Nigerian blood. May be he will pull a 419 on Ghana :)) Wow GSN, can you guys at least read the story before copying. Appoooooo paaa.

  • Peedi Crack 8 years ago

    CEO or whoever in charge of ghanasoccernet, need to go straight to employee, journalist, editor, who whoever posted this and slap the shit outta him or her, for misinterperating a copy and paste articl....LMAO!!!this shit is only acceptable in africa....smh!