Malmö FF chief Niclas Carlnén has revealed Ghanaian midfielder Kingsley is unlikely to return to the club after serving is 32 months in prison.

The 23-year-old was handed the punishment after being found guilt of defilement.

The club has not decided how to act after the verdict.

"It's not likely that Sarfo will play in Malmö FF anymore," says MFF's CEO Niclas Carlnén to SVT Sport.

Two years and eight months in prison and expulsion from the country . It became the case of Malmö FF player Kingsley Sarfos after double cases of rape against children.

In a press release on the website, the club announces that they have shared the judgment and will return with more information after a board meeting at the beginning of next week. CEO Niclas Carlnén gives the same information to SVT Sport:

"We have read what has come out, at the same time there is quite a lot of information in the judgment we want to compile and read through to make a decision on how to act in the future," says Carlnén.

"Not likely he will remain" Although Malmö FF does not want to comment on much, Carlnén suggests that he has difficulty seeing a future in the club for Sarfo.

"I think it's a clear judgment, and with reference to his arrest, it suggested it would be in this way," said Carlnén, continuing:

"I do not think so. We took all the information we could before we bought the player, that was nothing we heard about before. Clearly you could ask more questions, I do not know.

"As stated, the board makes this decision. There is some form of statement after the board meeting," he said after being asked if he will rejoin the team.

The 23-year old joined Malmo FF in a record deal from IK Sirius last summer following his superlative performance for the Blue and Black lads.

However, the Ghana international's stay in the Malmo has been engulfed in legal cases after he was accused of child rape.