Ghana prodigy Jordan Ayew says he is working hard enough to hit the heights at Olympique Marseille.

The 20-year-old was the author of a superb strike for Marseille in their 4-0 triumph over RC Lens in the French Cup on Tuesday night.

Jordan maneuvered past four Lens defenders before he arrowed piercing drive to the top right corner of the net for Marseille's second goal.

He told ''It is now a year and a half since I was promoted to the pros and I'm not going to say every time that I'm young. I have to play like I know to do."

"I do well in training so why not match, it's going to pay so hopefully it will continue that way until at the end of the season because I work a lot for that," he added.

With strikers Prince Tagoe and Dominic Adiyiah misfiring on national team duty, Ghana coach Goran Stevanovic will be delighted with the youngster's form.


Readers Comment

  • Sam 8 years ago

    Hmmm,The author already suggesting a place in the black stars for him, common this boy is only 20ysr, can he not play the junior team. The junior teams are struglin to qualify for a tournament. The need good players,. We have players in the age of 17, 18 19 and 20's bein draft in to the senior team(BS)while they are eligeble to play for the junior teams. Common GFA.

  • sayit 8 years ago

    Jo Ayew is better than Adiyah ant Tagoe combined, besides he plays in the premier division of the french league not a 2nd division team in turkey. those guys don't deserve a call up into the black stars (Adiyah and Tagoe). if we really serious it is the likes of Jo Ayew, Afriyie Aquah, that we should be giving calls ups to and not these over aged flops we call strikes.

  • Papa acusty 8 years ago

    I think for now he is an assert for the national team not Prince Tagoe. Jordan continuing to make a mark that can not be earse.

  • kofi 8 years ago

    he starts for marsellie as their top striker this should tell us something

  • fabs 8 years ago

    Good players irrespective of age should play in the senior national team. Adiyah and Tagoe are not better than him so Jordan Ayew should be allowed to cement his place in the BS squad.

  • kwabena boah 8 years ago

    i think is better if we encourage these young players such as jo ayew, afriyie acquah etc...they re da future of da black stars

  • mikki mills 8 years ago

    jordan,dede,badu and zoom lion are the future .

  • Collinto papa 8 years ago

    This Chap are far better than ADiyiah and Prince Tagoe. Ah GFA paaaa dee3, all they know is Turkish and Arab league players playing for the black stars. GFA stop the who i know and invite performers such as Jo Ayew, Afiyie Acquah, Charles Takyi and the other guys playing frequently for their teams.

  • D LIGHT 8 years ago

    How old is Thomas mueller and Tony Kroos for the Geman national team? How old is Neymar n Giovanni dos santos b4 Cementing keyroles in their. nat teams. This guy is not only good dan Tangoe but also highly prolific dan lack of vision Players like Azonto gyan and Adiyah. If Jordan No more sees himself as a young player, den why sld Gyan b calling himself a young player wen he is 25 wen he is actually 36. He always claim he is young n has got future. Funny... May b in THE UAE..

  • ohene propa 8 years ago

    lets try and motivate,encourage these guys to train hard instead of fighting ourselves there more room for improvement cant at least we get an attacker like Rooney,Messi,Ronaldo for once

  • kaybents 8 years ago

    Sam Eto is now the record holder in African best footballer titles because he was introduced to the top flight at 17. Abedi Pele hit the top because he stated early. Interestingly the junior team is for discovering new talents and not hyping young stars. Messi was claimed to be too good for the jnr team that is why he was in the senior team from the scratch. Other examples are theo Wallcot, Rooney, Fabregas, Neymar and other countless examples. Imagine Messi playing under 20. That will be a big joke. So Ghanaian, please use the youngsters and forget about the age cheats like Tagoe, Adiya and Asamoah Gyan.At least we all saw the Ayew when they were born.

  • Sam 8 years ago

    The point trying to make is not based on them being too young to play in the senior team,what im saying is, 17,19 and 20 yrs old players are young enough to play in the under 20's and 23's,since the those teams didnt do well to qualify for the next world cup. Its obvious that they needed some good players in the team in order to win games,. (KAYBENTS),These players u have mentioned Were starters in the national teams, they bring them in the 2nd half, about 20 minit to the end. When Etoo was brought in the team he was'nt a starter, he comes in when the game is about to end, same thing with neymar,Wallcot did not go to the world cup, he was not part of the team, they only called him to the under 20 team,him and wellbeck,Emmanuel frimpong,one other Arsenal player, i for got his name... Those players u mentioned were not starters, but Ghana players are all starters. Im just sayin not tryin to offend anyone on here.