By Akyereko Frimpong-Manson

Ghana youth sensation Jordan Ayew scored a superb goal and set up another as Olympique Marseille cruised to a 4-0 victory over Ligue 2 side Lens on Tuesday night in the French Cup.

The young striker scored his second goal of the season for Didier Deschamps' men in twelve games with a classic finish in the 68th minute.

He went past four Lens defenders before darting a fierce drive to the top corner of the net from the edge of the penalty box.

The 20-year-old tried his luck at goal with a wonderful flick after 50 minutes but Lens keeper Kasraoui pulled a great save to deny him.

He then set up a golden opportunity for Andre-Pierre Gignac to up the tally but the striker skied the chance.

Jordan then produced another magic moment for substitute Loic Remy who benefited from his superb flick to make it 3-0.

Remy then finished off a Mathieu Valbuena pass on the 90th minute to send Lens parking and put Marseille through to the next round of the competition.

Watch the video of Jordan Ayew's goal below

CDL Marseille - Lens en 8eme de finale 2011/2012 by Coupedelaligue


Readers Comment

  • Denizz 8 years ago

    With the kind of form players like kpb..the ayew brodas and badu are in who cares whether the turkish boggers and the uae merchant are not scoring.Gabon/Equitorial guinea here we come!!

  • Saxcee4u 8 years ago

    Ei gsn are you sure? All other sites mentiond Andre Ayew as the goal scorer. Anyway an Ayew scored and thatx wat is important here. Up Gh!

  • Tom Sawyer 8 years ago

    why are foolish people always causing mischief here? go and watch the match. ofui

  • cyriusedeviruz 8 years ago

    hey you scumbag motherfucking asshole shit for brains you should be shot..fucking watch fox soccer and you will see who scored or simply go to OM site...

  • Ghanas#1Blogger Aka Marfioso 8 years ago

    GSN is right! 14' [1 - 0] A. Gignac 67' [2 - 0] J. Ayew 82' [3 - 0] L. Remy 90' [4 - 0] L. Remy

  • ted 8 years ago

    jordan is the future, got tremendous talent. his play reminds me of benzema.

  • massawudu 8 years ago

    so where is adiyiah and p.tagoe,the blackstars strikers who cant score goals.keep it up boy.

  • chaleboii 8 years ago

    These Ayew brothers are doing ready good!every week one of them scores or at least plays great KEEP IT UP! we need such players in the black stars,,

  • pofka 8 years ago

    i saw A Ayew on livescore...

  • Saxcee4u 8 years ago

    Kwasia virux useles hustla born outta d ass, go check and see who scored. I asked a simple question and fraustrated idiotx like you want to diss me . Foolish asshole nigga. Uncivilised maggots who live on drugx.

  • Biggie 8 years ago

    I watched the match yesterday and Jordan was fantastic, the guy is really talented. The Ayew brothers are on fire!!!...........Too hot to handle!

  • cofie 8 years ago

    Coach Plavi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pls give this guy more playing time in black star!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pendrive 8 years ago

    You Guys shoult stop abusing ur selves with those unpleasant words and lets see the way forward. Long live Ama Ghana, Long live our soccer.

  • pofka 8 years ago

    charlie why these words abuse?only yawa boys de do so...huh...saxcee4u nkwasiasem nkoaaaaa...

  • holy sinner 8 years ago

    u should stop these uncivillised people from using abusive words on dis site cos its becoming too much.

  • Collinto papa 8 years ago

    Why fight over who scored. All the same an Ayew scored. GFA and it allies? hope you're monitoring some of these players and will not go in for Turkish Division 2 players who are not performing. And the ARAB money merchants who are flopping.

  • Emanuelusa 8 years ago

    Plavi please please call the ayew brother for the mexico and honduros friendly and also african cup of nation.

  • ras nick 8 years ago

    do we have 2 go on demostration b-4 they drop adiyiah and p.tagoe ,is not a joke and diz is also not personal,

  • papi 8 years ago

    Jordan is the striker for the future, and i think he is better than adiyiah n tagoe. his goal was really classic.keep it up!

  • sabato 8 years ago

    we shall go on demonstration if these favouritism dont stop.

  • keith from germany 8 years ago

    congrats to jordan.i hope n believe plavi calls him for african cup of nations.he is definately on fire..