AC Milan in-form midfielder Kevin-Prince Boateng has cleared all major issues with the Ghana national team handlers in order to enable him to feature in next November's international friendly.

Ghana FA president Kwesi Nyantakyi told an Accra-based radio station, Asempa FM, that the opponent for next month’s friendly will be disclosed in the coming days.

However, he stressed that the 24-year-old is making a return to the Black Stars and local fans will get the chance to see the 2010 World Cup hero again after a fallout with coach Goran Stevanovic.

The Rossoneri player has been splendid recently with his latest hat-trick against Lecce bringing him into the spotlight once again.

Boateng first played for Ghana during the global football fiesta in South Africa and scored a goal against the USA.

He played a few games for the west Africans afterwards and since then he has gone through difficult times with the team as a result of personal issues.


Readers Comment

  • Nii Archimedes 8 years ago

    U are welcome back brother. The man is young, issues like this happened to young folks so please give the man a break. He is growing up my Ghanaian fellows.

  • Tanko 8 years ago

    If you look at Sulley Muntari of today you may perhaps have some sort of understanding of who Prince-Boateng is. These kind of players are hard to come by, but when you have them and they are focused, you can count yourself blessed in soccer. To name a few players with that character, I would like to start with Eric Cantona of France, Abu Imoro of the then Black Stars and Accra great olympics fame and not long ago and still in the national team would be Sulley Ali Muntari. All we need to do is to stand by these kind of players regardless of their attitudes, am not for indecipline attitudes but their MUGU YARO attitude which has nothing to do with their ability whenever they touch the global leather. Lets encourage them instead of cursing at them and all the negativities we expose them to whenever they started their MUGU YARO behaviours. Good luck Kevin!

  • Denizz 8 years ago

    I hope this time plavi does'nt play him out of position like what happened in the congo game. He is more efficient when he plays in the heart of midfield like what he does for milan. You are welcome PRINCE.

  • da informa 8 years ago

    wat da f**k is mr gfa capo doing about daniel boateng of arsenal fame cos he just played a match 2day.

  • Merdal 04 8 years ago

    Oh my PRINCE......

  • Anwarr Badandebyblud 8 years ago

    u are nt far frm ryt Tkas. sum of diiz players ought 2 be listend 2. Condemnin dem outrightly isnt the best option. Yes, Gh' is blezd wit enaf talents bt we stil need dem cuz deir pressnce alone puts sum panic n fear in the opponents, der by winnin the encounter by 40% off the field.. Howeva, In as much as hes gr8ly welcumd 2 the setup he must b made 2 apologize publicly 4 nt answrin the coaches fone cal/nt callin bak. KPB u welcum.. UP BLaCKSTARS OF AFRIKA..... UP GHANA..... CAN2012 HERE WE CUM!!!

  • tbdarko 8 years ago

    He played a game today and so what?......we are talking about KPB not daniel. Wen daniels time comes we will all help you. lol

  • Forson 8 years ago

    I think jordan ayew should also be called for the friendlies.he can perhaps play alongside Gyan.up black stars!

  • ras nick 8 years ago

    do we have 2 go on demostration b-4 they drop adiyiah and p.tagoe ,is not a joke and diz is also not personal, Reply to this Comment Click here to cancel reply. Name (required) Email Address (required) You are subscribed to this entry. Manage your subscriptions.

  • Forson 8 years ago

    May be adiyah & tagoe are the backbone of the GFA