Red Star Belgrade coach Robert Prosinecki is reported to be interested in the Ghana coaching job.

According to reports, the 43-year-old has submitted his CV to the Ghana Football Association for consideration.

Prosinecki join the list of coaches who have been linked with the job which became vacant after the Ghana FA terminated the contract of Goran Stevanovic.

He had an illustrious playing career including playing for Spanish rival clubs Real Madrid and Barcelona in the early 90s.

He was assistant coach for the Croatia national team from 2006 to 2010.

The Ghana FA says it will headhunt for the next Black Stars coach and has set a three-week timeline.



Readers Comment

  • alhaji 7 years ago

    God forbid,no Serbian,virtus int.good bye

  • kwame rasta. 7 years ago

    apuuuuuuuuu! no more serbia mafia

  • Rashid 7 years ago


  • kuuku 7 years ago

    Never again 4 theses serbians!

  • marcelo 7 years ago

    what do they see in serbia coaches or they like the heartbreak that they bring they should go for german or italian coach for more attacking games

  • Jimmy 7 years ago

    He is not a serbian.... Croatian coach.

  • Joseph 7 years ago

    Ooo hell nooo! GFA should stop their sick obsession for ex-Jugoslavian coaches.

  • Majidor 7 years ago

    So where the heck is this dude from? I mean country-wise!!!

  • Johnny 7 years ago

    They are all former Yugoslavians!! Enough of them! Please spare us stories about another coach from there.

  • Johnny 7 years ago

    I think he is a Croat, after they split Yugoslavia. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think he was in the Croatian national team during the France '98 world cup. In any case, heeeeel noo!!!

  • Assisi 7 years ago

    The job has to go to Ghanaian come what may. We are sick of this GFA attitude towards our Ghanaian coaches. They are totally disregarding them and hiring foreigners for the best paid jobs in our country even though our people have the requisite skills to do the job. Ivory coast and nigeria have already recruited their own people for those jobs so why can't we do the same?

  • Mohammed 7 years ago

    Gfa should spare us with this serbian coaches enaugh of them...

  • okonjo 7 years ago

    I see we are all tired of the serbs.Thatz well understood. But letz face it!!What do we want? To win the African Cup or the world cup. What in-depth knowledge has our local coaches when it comes to world class football strategies,planning & management of player skills,let alone game reading.Can someone tell me any reliable local coach currently. Didn't we very nearly call for the head of Kwasi Appiah when he was made to temporarily handle the stars when Sudan made us see RED in Kumasi. Please letz be realistic in what we say n do as a people.Of course to hell with the Serbs but we need a foreign element and a local element in the stars set-up.What has the so-called local coaches of the said country done for their countries outside Africa.And where are most of them now.

  • fel 7 years ago

    its time we believe in our local coaches. they can do the bs job with our support.

  • Okonjo 7 years ago

    Fel i agree with you but man support alone isn't enough when the man is bankrupt in ideas.

  • jerry boadi 7 years ago

    Ghanaian chat too much we all want good for our beloved country but to be sincere and honest there is no local coach right now who can coach black star those who are asking for our own black man don't want Ghana good we all see what happened when our father and uncle Fred osam duduo did at can 2002 we also saw what happened in kumasi match between Ghana vs Sudan our local coaches dont have confident,technical abilities,and discipline issues everyday and day out all we hear from Ghanaian is that G F A should send local coaches to oversea for refresher course from white man then why re we always saying we should give the job to local man becos we can managed our own affairs the only national team our local man can coach is the under 17,20,and 23 but as for black star job no we should put our self into trouble by disgracing our self in the world stage so am appealing to all Ghanaian and G FA to give the job to competent coach who CV is reach and hungry with success and who can call quality players not bench warmest and who can also stay in the country and monitor our local league and again the G FA and their capo should also give the coach free hand to do his job no interference no player favoritism and nepotism and if all this is done our black star will be a team to beat once again fa should stop telling the coach to add injury players into the team during important matches

  • Mare 7 years ago

    Hes not interested for sure in coaching Ghana, dont know where they get this information but its just lie, he will extend his contract with Red Star until 2014.

  • nikola 7 years ago

    I am from serbia and fan of red star belgrade.I can say prosinecki is great coach,but he will not be coach of ghana.

  • crazynorth 7 years ago

    He is coach of Red Star, no way to handle ghana

  • Alex 7 years ago

    hey ghanaian monkeys, now you have problem with the serbs, but when you win with an serb then you are quiet. ungrateful monkeys...

  • keva mu iz cacka 7 years ago

    he is the best red star coach and he is not croatian, because keva mu iz cacka.

  • bbrs 7 years ago

    yes, thats true

  • DelijaSaSevera 7 years ago

    robert (ROBERTINJO)is not going nowhere.he will remain as CRVENA ZVEZDA coach until he gets what he wants.

  • Glupi ganci 7 years ago

    He is not going to be the coach on ghana nt, but remember his name, he will be one of the best managers in the world!

  • Ratko Mladic 7 years ago


  • RedStarForever 7 years ago

    I' m fan of the Red Star and this information is not true.Prosinecki will extend his contact with Red Star until 2014. Lee Adey was player of Red Strar and Nataniel Asamoah is player of Red Star now.Red Star champion!!!

  • branisRepublika srpska 7 years ago

    Robertinjo is too smart for your stupid!