After listening to Asempa FM this morning, I am fully convinced that any of these - either Frank Nuttal will not return as Hearts coach or he will return and be sacked by the board - can happen. Am sure of that.

Assistant Coach Henry Willington has revealed that Coach Nuttal asked the players not to resume training if they are not paid their salaries and bonuses. He again said Nuttal left no program to be followed even in his absence.

Few minutes later, Hearts Team Manager, Sabahn Quaye was on the line revealing that he spoke to Dr. Nyaho-Nyaho Tamakloe about the coach not taking advice and his conduct of not consulting anyone in anything.

Sabahn adds that Frank Nuttal has not even shown him the list of players to be released and those to be signed despite his position as the Team Manager.

Now my conclusion: I get the impression that it is over for Frank Nuttal. Do you remember how the sack-Kenichi crusade started? It started just like this

My major concern and worry here is that, after these outbursts by Willington and Sabahn Quaye, can they work with Nuttal again? Will Nuttal be able to accommodate them in his technical team again?

Now, even if Nuttal had ordered that no player must come to training until they are paid, I think it's a good call. It's in the interest of the whole team including Willington himself who has not been paid. Am sad how the indigenous coach sometimes do not think far. If your head coach is fighting for your salary, is it a crime? Why must you keep players salaries for months without paying? Paying players and coaches their salaries is not doing them a favour. You are paying them for what they have worked for. Hearts must understand that.

Sad, and more disheartening is that, Herbert Addo and Kenichi Yatsuhashi were all sacked based on the same issues.

Herbert Addo questioned why Hearts players must strive to play well when they are hungry because their salaries have not been paid for months.

Kenichi Yatsuhashi blocked his won account and called on management to pay the players and his backroom staff their salaries and bonuses before paying his. He was tagged disrespectful and was bundled out!

Now the same fate is to be suffered by Frank Nuttal because the way the Assistant Coach and the Team Manager have started, Nuttal will not survive. I know that for sure.

By: Sheikh Tophic Sienu @desheikh1 on twitter


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  • yaawo 8 months ago

    Useless team always finding fault with coaches and technical handlers never the management. You would be trophy-less for a very long time to come-mark it. Living in past time paradise. Apuuuuuuuu!!!!