Zambia coach Herve Renard has bragged that he will quit the Chipolopolo if he fails to qualify the country to the 2014 World Cup at the expense of Ghana.

The Frenchman, an ex-physical trainer for the Black Stars, is heaping the pressure on the Black Stars by claiming that they will to qualify for the World showpiece in Brazil.

Zambia beat Ghana 1-0 in the semi-final of the 2012 Africa Cup of Nations in Gabon and Equatorial Guinea and eventually won the title for the first.

The two sides will clash against in the 2014 World Cup qualifiers but Renard has brushed aside the potential of the Black Stars by insisting Zambia will qualify.

Renard, 43, has raised the expectations of their fans by preaching qualification credentials.

"My contract with Zambia runs till 2014 but I think I’d leave at the end of 2013 if we fail to qualify for the 2014 World Cup taking place in Brazil," Renard told French magazine Le Dauphine.

The Chipolopolo will play Ghana at home on June 8 in a repeat of the 2012 Nations Cup semi-final clash but before that travel to Sudan.

Zambia will also play Lesotho in Group D of the second phase of the African qualifiers.

The ten Group winners after the qualifiers in September 2013 will be paired into five home-and-away series to determine the continent’s finalists for Brazil.

The Black Stars have vowed to avenge the Nations Cup defeat when the World Cup qualifiers resume in June.

What do you make of the talk by the coach of Zambia?

Do you think Ghana has what it takes to beat the Zambians?


Readers Comment

  • Horror 7 years ago

    See dis horrible coach oo. U'll certainly quit just afta d Ghana game.

  • SETH 7 years ago


  • bright 7 years ago

    ghana will beat zambia 2-0

  • ras-nick 7 years ago

    Hey!!!!i respect zambia as 1 of da best in africa but please,please, if they beat blackstar then i,m not going 2 support da B/s anymore.

  • words 7 years ago

    U guys beat has once. We had enough of you guys. Bring it on Africa Champions.

  • Ghanas Son 7 years ago

    Don't think we will be coming with a confused coach this time around... <b> GFA please make my above statement true </b>

  • Freeman osman 7 years ago

    See this foolish coach.u will see come june 8.

  • ghana international 7 years ago

    zambia 8 vs 0 ghana. zambia believes in the almight while ghana believes in roots,what a shame for the black stars.

  • abel avis 7 years ago

    herve must bear in mind that this time around we wont allow them to invoke the spirit of their dead heroes

  • Thegreatest 7 years ago

    There will be no lucky goal for you becasue Asamoah tan will not play

  • aa 7 years ago

    not the best. They won a tournament. This is a qualifying series meaning a draw in Zambia and two goals in Ghana will give Ghana 4 points lol

  • Dr. Zomito 7 years ago

    This coach is funny???? He won the first game so he is now boasting. We shall see who goes or to be respected!

  • Fiifi, Berlin 7 years ago

    The Black Star are warned , please don't take this warning lightly! The man knows what he is talking about. He found out the weak points in the Black Star and ultilize it to punish the BS! Please don't insult him, he was onetime part of the coaching team of the BS and has been in Africa for quite some time now. This means he has some idea about the African mentality. The BS should rather be grateful to the coach for his comments and really make an effort to analyse what happened at the AFCON 2012 properly! Complacency , poor fitness , lack of unity and arrogance ( to some extent- underating the Zambian Coach) were some of the reasons for the failure of the BS. There are no more "small" teams on the continent , SO BLACK STARS, TO BE FORWARNED IS..... ; A WORD TO THE WISE IS....DON'T TAKE ALL THESE TALKS LIGHTLY, BE FOCUSED AND PREPARE PROPERLY AND SERIOUSLY! THE GFA WOULD NOT GET AWAY WITH IT THIS TIME IF THINGS DON'T GO WELL THIS TIME AROUND!!! TO BE FORWARNED IS.......!

  • Fiifi, Berlin 7 years ago

    CORRECTION: The BLACK STARS are warned, please....

  • kojo 7 years ago

    this coach is really crazy!!!! there is no way Zambia will beat Ghana!! if they do, i will take back my words and say Zambia is a better soccer nation than Ghana. this guy is a joke. he now thinks he is a force on the continent? huh, we will see.

  • bebe 7 years ago

    Thank you bro,you said it all.Some Ghanaians are just dreamers.I keep on saying football has really changed drastically on the continent.Ghanaians should forget about the past glories.Big names dont play football.The recent failure to win the AFCON must be fresh in your minds and stop those loose talks.

  • parpashito 7 years ago

    funny! he is thinking of going to the river in gabon with flowers to invoke the spirit of their dead players. sorry for him, cos this time around he is going to get whipped by the stars both home and away.

  • Bongo 7 years ago


  • Okonjo 7 years ago

    OOhh!!Fiifi, Fiifi so you believe what this joker is saying.He was JUST ONE TIME LUCKY!!!Whether by dead heroes luck or whatever,IT IS OVER WITH.Can we go back and watch the look on his face before our match with them and the dejection on his face when that penalty was awarded us?How many times can dead people play football?Can't we see that the NAME BLACK STARS OF GHANA invokes PURE FEAR in teams,even the Brazilians.Have we forgotten what the Brazilians did in 2006 world cup against us when they broke camp,went back to Brazil stayed one night before coming back for our match?How can the referee who handled that match say he never saw what he's seeing during the match, after watching his own STUPID actions on video? Fiifi,our team, when all is well with us,is a DEADLY PREDATOR'S TERMINATOR.We lose but once and once we beat you,we will forever beat you even if we are asleep.Go ask the Brazilians why they fear to lose or draw with Ghana. Letz all pray we get a competent coach,and we'll see where that jerk will hide

  • stun 7 years ago

    Asamoah has given u mouth to talk mr zambian coach.we live to see.str_repeat('*',strlen('fuck')) u

  • Johnny 7 years ago

    I don't believe Herve is heaping any preassue on Ghana. Of course he'd say Zambia would win, or should he say Ghana or Lesotho will win instead? The GFA should put their act together and appoint a coach so the new manager would get ample time to prepare our men. Ghana should be able to beat Zambia this time around; I think Herve is more worried than is confident.

  • Randy 7 years ago

    let him continue bragging when we beat zambia 3 nil in accra and 1 or 2 nil in zambia i will see if he will play a plavi or he will quit LMAO

  • Mojahadine 7 years ago

    Ras-nick, Do you understand what the best is? IT means continually performing at a very high level and not just winning one tournament. They sneaked up on everybody, they will not at this time. We shall see. Unless the Black Stars are so bad.

  • dadaba Gonshots 7 years ago

    Look at that coach talking trash, we gonna come there and whip that arse. Call us master, master.

  • blakroze 7 years ago

    Pls every 1 sayin zambia is beta dan Gh shd eat bak their words cos if it were so we will stil be talkin abt Senegal as African soccer giant's but where r they now? Look history is just repeatin itself (Senegal+Diouf)(Zambia+Herve)=utter disgrace n failures in future. Time will prove ma theory true, just wait n see haters.

  • Kumi 7 years ago

    Aba saa, let him brug.

  • KOTEY 7 years ago

    Zambia can never ever beat Ghana in any competition again and they regrate in the next game Ghana play them

  • Chu 7 years ago

    let us approach the game without vengeance but should know dat zambia wud appreciate a draw and wud play on the counter

  • Chipolopolo 7 years ago

    To be honest with you blind Black Star supporters ,Zambia losing at home is out of question.Is it the first time we have beaten you ?Look at our history , even our weakest squads have not been losing at home . Ghana lost to a depleted Chipolopolo side , we expect more players to come back from injuries and suspensions. Try to remeber that the whole Afcon tournament ,Ghana had only 1 good game (against Zambia) which they still failed to win . Ghana strugled even against Botswana. On the contrary Chipolopolo had great games except for Ghana game which was mainly due to bad tactics employed in first half , a correction in second half changed the game .Do you really feel the Ghanian defence will be able to hold our intelligent and piercing attackers in Zambia ? Be informed that if you have too much respect for yourselves ,Chipolopolo does not respect any team when they are on the field and the exaaples are plenty for you to learn from.

  • Chipolopolo 7 years ago

    We beat all tournament favourites resoundingly. We played the most beautiful football . Wait before you commit sucuide

  • Ghana Football Association 7 years ago

    Ghana is no better match to Zambia. We can go as far as 20 years. records show.Zambia is the best

  • BA ZAMBIA 6 years ago

    please someone remind me, what were the scores of the Zambia Ghana Match played in the qualifiers?